WP1: Sharing experiences for better implementation of the project

O1.1.A partners’ workshop for sharing prior experiences and best practices


D1.1. Recording experiences and good practices in each partner country (national reports)
D1.2. Aggregated report

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WP2: Identification of migrants, representatives of local authorities/NGOs supporting migrants and volunteers to participate in the project

O2.1. Ten awareness events in each country
O2.2. Project awareness and engagement to the activities

D2.1. Project Website and Blog in 9 languages
D2.2. A Poster in 5 languages
D2.3. Brochures targeting TCNs in 5 Languages
D2.4. 4 brochures in partner’s language and English targeting locals
D2.5. Radio Advertisement in 1 language (English)

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WP3: Human Capital Accumulation Activities

O3.1. Partners’ workshop to present the language assessment tool
O3.2. Language Trainings to TCNs
O3.3. Workshops on

D3.1. Language Skills Assessment tool
D3.2. Training Curricula for the 3 CEFR levels
D3.3. Training Curricula for the < Intercultural skills, Social and civic competence for TCNs> workshop
D3.4 Training materials for the < Intercultural skills, Social and civic competence for TCNs> workshop

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WP4: Mingling Experiences

O4.1. 20 MINGLING EXPERIENCES in each country
O4.2. Transnational Train the Trainer Workshop
O4.3. 5 workshops for the training of facilitators in partner countries

D4.1. A methodological Guide for Facilitators
D4.2. Questionnaires for matching TCNs with locals

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WP5: Active Citizenship Assessment And Mentoring with EMKIT

O5.1. ‘Effective Multicultural Communication & Mentoring’ workshop
O5.2. ‘How to Use the OACAT & EMKIT’ workshop
O5.3. Mentoring Sessions to Assess, Develop and follow an action plan including different activities

D5.1. Online Active Citizenship Assessment Tool (OACAT) and EMKIT
D5.2. A mentor’s guide on ‘How to use the OACAT & EMKIT’
D5.3. Τraining curricula and materials for ‘Effective Multicultural Communication & Mentoring’

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WP6: HtM online platform – Promoting Sustainability

O6.1. Partners’ Workshop to finalise the specifics of structure and content of the HtM
O6.2. Review of the HtM by partners, stakeholders and experts
O6.3. International Conference

D6.1. Recording experiences and good practices from the implementation of the project in each partner country (a document)
D6.2. HtM Online Platform

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