A4.2: Cook the knowledge!

Estimated duration: 2 hours

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Step:                                        Step 4

Dimension:                             Cognitive dimension

Qualitative Indicator:            Local Food

Type of Activity:                    Group or individual

A voluntary chef will provide a mishmash of ingredients from local and foreign cuisine. Also, he/she will provide local products and a national map. The TCN(s) must place the products to the correct area or city or village on the map and for each place to mention a local dish. Afterwards, the TCN(s) will have the opportunity to choose a place on the map. They will use the local product of the chosen area and ingredients for making a local dish of the area the TCN(s) chose. Until the end of the process of cooking the TNC(s) must describe a part of the national and local history, products and the dishes. The main purpose of the activity is the recognition of places, their history and their connections with the products, the ingredients and its local dishes. Moreover, the ability of the TCN(s) not only to recognize but also to be able to create local dishes as part of the local society.

The active engagement of the TCN(s) with the friendly guidance-if needed-of the voluntary chef to the local cuisine will prove that they are part of the local society. The Voluntary chef must make questions through the procedure of cooking about the place the TCN(s) chose, about the reason of their decision, the history of the place/area, the history of the product and the plate. Also, he/she must give the opportunity to the TCN(s) to connect the chosen place with a place from their country, their product and their dish. Τhere must be an interaction between the Voluntary chef and the TCN(s) at the end, not only through questions and answers but also through the participation of both in the creation of the dish with the TCN(s) as cooker and the voluntary chef as assistant.

  1. A voluntary local chef.
  2. A place for group meetings, where there will be suitable space to place and cook the different dishes.
  3. Local map.
  4. Local products (food/drinks).
  5. Local & foreign ingredients.
  6. Household appliances.

Implementation Steps

The voluntary chef will bring a local map, local and foreign ingredients and local products. The TCN(s) after a careful approach to the map will have to place in an area (or can be more specific to the map by choosing a city or a village) all of the products analyzing their choice. Then, they must choose an area (or city or village), the representing local product and the necessary ingredients for create a local dish of that area.

The TCN(s) now has to create from zero the local dish. At the same time the voluntary chef will play a double role, first of the assistant in the cooking part and second he/she must make general historical and cultural questions to the participants to understand the level of knowledge and then specific historical and cultural questions for the area they chose. Furthermore, the TCN(s) will be nice to connect the chosen area, product and dish with some similar to their country. This will create a connection between the mentor voluntary chef and the TCN(s).