A4.6: Choose the suitable job for you!

Pre-requisites: This activity targets those TCNs that want to find a job that they consider as ideal for them.

Estimated Duration: 1 hour

Related to:

Step:                                         4

Dimension:                              Structural

Qualitative Indicator:             Getting a job

Type of activity:                      Group or individual

The TCN(s) have the opportunity to identify or to state the job that consider as ideal for them. They are invited to state 3 jobs which they believe that cover their personal expectations. Moreover, they have to list their professional and educational skills and qualifications. Based on these 2 outputs and with the help of the mentor, at the end of this activity, the TCN(s) will be in place to understand what they need to implement to achieve their personal professional goal.

The aim of this activity is to help the TCN(s) to understand how far or how close they are in finding a job that, according to their personal view, is the ideal one for them. The TCN(s) can list up to 3 jobs that might be suitable for them. For each job, they answer a list of questions. Then, they have to fill in a table with their professional and educational skills along with their training and qualifications. At the end, the results will give to the mentor a picture about how far or close to the suitable job the TCN(s) are and with his/her guidance what they have to do towards this direction.

  1. One mentor.
  2. A table listing questions for three suitable job(s) for each TCN (Annex 4.6.6)
  3. A table listing the professional experience of the TCN(s) (Annex 4.6.7).
  4. Print-out form(s) with the tables.
  5. Pen(s).

Implementation Steps

The mentor provides the TCN(s) with a list of questions for each of the jobs that the TCN(s) have selected. The TCN(s) have to answer these questions for the specific job, revealing their needs and personal ambitions. The TCN(s) can describe up to 3 different jobs. (Αnnex 4.6.6)

In this step, the mentor provides the TCN(s) with a table where they will list their professional experience and qualifications (Annex 4.6.7). With the help of this table, the background of each TCN is revealed to the mentor, being a useful tool for him/her for the next step of the activity.

Based on the results of both the first and the second steps, the mentor and the TCN(s) have a discussion. The mentor asks the TCN(s) if the results meet their personal expectations as well as if they benefited from this procedure.