Resources and Materials

Training Curricula and Materials (Manuals with exercises) for Locals and TCNs

The Curricula is based on innovative methodological tools and principles of adult learning

Specialised curricula and training materials for multiculturalism promotion and Local Language lessons for TCNs will be used. The curricula and materials (manuals with exercises) are based on innovative methodological tools and the principles of adult learning (one for each different level of CEFR for each different language)  and will be adjusted for each language course (four languages, Local Language, German, Spanish, Swedish) as well as. The curriculum on the promotion of multiculturalism will introduce all social and civic skills as well as intercultural communication.

Training Curricula (hyperlink)

Language training Curricula


Training Materials (hyperlink)

Language training material

Methodological Guide for Facilitators

Practical step-by-step instructions for the implementation of activities emphasizing the common elements to connect people


Mingle project includes the development of a methodological guide that will provide an in-depth explanation of the concept “Human Commonalities” on which the MINGLING EXPERIENCES are based and that will include practical, step-by-step instructions for the implementation of activities such as getting-familiar/bonding exercises, games, ice-breakers, storytelling etc. The guide will provide guidance to facilitators on how to draw conclusions from the activities performed emphasizing on the elements which are common and connect people (i.e. common cultural elements, common attitudes, common perspectives etc.).

Methodological Guide  (hyperlink)

Pilot Training

In order to pilot the Mingle language skills assessment tool that the partners have designed, each partner will host a Working Group to review the assessment tool, the training curricula, the manuals with exercises and the training materials that have been developed. This process will be taking place up until the end of June 2018.
If you would like to be involved in the Working Group, or would like to find out more about the material, and you are from one of the participating countries in the project, please get in touch with your named contact below:

Cyprus: Christiana Knais, Roula Georgopoulou
Spain: Angel Javier Farto López, Ana Maria Gonzalez Pescador
Greece: Vaso Anastasopoulou, Evangelia
Sweden: Yevgeniya Averhead, Nastaran Almasi
Germany: Olaf Melchior, Jasmin Zouizi